Storing Up ‘Smart’

“When you learn a thing a day, you store up smart.”
~ Festus Haggen,
Deputy Marshall – Dodge City
portrayed by
~ Ken Curtis,
Actor, Dancer, Singer & Western Performers Hall of Fame – National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum (1981)
thinking thoughts

Your Financial Philosophy

thinking thoughts
“The key factor that will determine your financial future is not the economy; the key factor is your philosophy.”
~ Jim Rohn,
Entrepreneur, Author & Speaker

Avoiding Financial Mistakes

“Financial Literacy is an important part of avoiding financial mistakes and planning for a strong, secure financial future.”
~ Timothy James Pawlenty
Attorney, Businessman, Politician, Author, & 39th Governor of Minnesota (2003-2011)

When Your Money Masters You

“Money is in some respects like fire – it is a very excellent servant but a terrible master. When you have it mastering you, when interest is constantly piling up against you, it will keep you down in the worst kind of slavery. But let money work for you, and you have the most devoted servant in the world.”
~ P.T. Barnum
Showman, Businessman, Politician & Co-Founder – Barnum & Bailey Circus

The Beauty of Being a Grandparent

“I loved my own Grandparents with all my heart. I learned important lessons from them about how to treat people, how to cook and how to work…..they showered us kids with love and left the parenting to Momma and Daddy. That’s the beauty of being a grandparent – the hard work belongs to someone else. I guess I never really understood the depth of their love for me until I became a grandmother myself… it is unlike any other relationship.”

~ Paula Deen,
Celebrity Chef & Cooking Show Host, Restaurateur, Author & Daytime Emmy Award (2007)

Money Soon Gone!

“Money without financial intelligence is money soon gone.”
~ Robert Toru Kiyosaki,
Investor, Businessman, Author, Speaker, Financial Literacy Activist, & Commentator

A Po$itive Money Mind$et

“Money, to me, is just the biggest blessing in the world that allows me freedom.”
~ Linda Evans
a,k,a. Linda Evanstad
Actress, Author & Golden Globe Award

A Lifetime of Financial Well-Being

“Financial Literacy is the ability to use knowledge and skill to manage financial resources effectively for a lifetime of financial well-being.”
~ Marina John
Family Lifestyle Content Creator – Mommy Snippets

How Many Generations Can You Pass Your Money To?

“It’s not how much money you make, but how much money you keep, how hard it works for you, and how many generations you keep it for.”
~ Robert Toru Kiyosaki
Investor, Businessman, Author, Speaker, Financial Literacy Activist, and Commentator

Paying Good Wages

“I don’t pay good wages because I have a lot of money; I have a lot of money because I pay good wages.”
~ Robert Bosch
Founder – Robert Bosch GmbH

Tell Your Money Where to Go

“More people should learn to tell their dollars where to go instead of asking them where they went.”
~ Roger Ward Babson
Entrepreneur, Economist, Business Theorist & Founder – Babson College, Webber International University, & Utopia College

Improving the Security of Our Future

“The good news, though, is that all of us can improve the security of our futures through financial literacy. With a better understanding of the basics of finance—how to save, budget and invest—we can increase both our earning potential and our prospects for a solid financial future.”
~ Reba Dominski,
President of U.S. Bank Foundation

Financial Literacy to Scale the Businesses

“Many entrepreneurs struggle to understand payroll taxes, health care and other thorny issues… In other words, they don’t have the financial literacy to scale their businesses and attract investors.”
~ Daymond John,
CEO – FUBU & Sharktank Host

Financial Literacy is Life-Saving

“I want kids to understand the importance of savings and investing. It’s crucial that people understand the importance of financial literacy, because it’s actually life-saving.”
~ Mellody Hobson,
President of Ariel Investments

Financial Literacy: Childhood to Retirement

“Financial literacy is not an end in itself, but a step-by-step process. It begins in childhood and continues throughout a person’s life all the way to retirement. Instilling the financial-literacy message in children is especially important, because they will carry it for the rest of their lives.”
~ George Karl,
NBA Coach (27 seasons: Cleveland Cavaliers (1984-1986), Golden State Warriors (1986-88), Seattle Supersonics (1992-1998), Milwaukee Bucks (1998-2003), Denver Nuggets (2005-2013) and Sacramento Kings (2015-2016)

Manage Your Money Well

“The single biggest difference between financial success and financial failure is how well you manage your money. It’s simple: to master money, you must manage money.”
~ T. Harv Eker,

Basic Financial Literacy

“It’s pretty much how we get anything added to the curriculum. When parents said children needed to be computer literate, the schools started responding. The same thing is true of basic financial literacy.”
~ Elizabeth Warren
United States Senator (2017-Currently)

Understanding Compound Interest

“I think people don’t understand compound interest because typically no one ever explains it to them and the level of financial literacy in the US is very low.”
~ James Surowiecki,
Journalist & Author
Calculating savings & spending

Adequately Organizing Finances

“Financial literacy is an issue that should command our attention because many Americans are not adequately organizing finances for their education, healthcare and retirement.”
~ Ron Lewis,
United States Representative (May 24, 1994-January 3, 2009)

Stay Skills-Relevant

“Unless you’re continually improving your skills, you’re quickly becoming irrelevant.”
~ Stephen Covey,
Author, Professional Speaker, Professor, Consultant, Businessman & Management Expert

When Creativity Comes to a Halt

“Sometimes my creativity comes to a screeching halt. When this happens I go to my roots; Old Style jewelry. That is the place of fascination. The Old Ones utilized rudimentary tools to create their simple, yet perfected, pieces of craftsmanship. From this point I am able to create from an inspiring idea. On the flip side, sometimes my mind becomes flooded with more designs than I can remember. Ideas come so quickly I can’t draw them fast enough.”
~ Ray Tracey
Actor, Producer, Designer, Manufacturer, Entrepreneur & Founder – Tracey Designs Inc..

My First Ring of Silver

“I wanted to see finished jewelry and wanted to learn everything I could. Whenever we would go to Gallup, NM, I would visit curio stores to see creations in silver.”
“In class I fabricated my first ring out of silver for my Mother. I found an unknown stone and made a cabochon. I tried to copy an old style ring design that I had seen at Hubbells Trading Post. One teardrop flanked the sides of the stone. It was a very simple design but it took me a week to finish. I kept melting the silver. I made my next silver and stone creation at the age of 21 and gave it to my Mother. It was another ring, but this time it was a split shank with three ribs and three tear drops on the side of the stone.”
~ Ray Tracey
Actor, Producer, Designer, Manufacturer, Entrepreneur & Founder – Tracey Designs Inc..
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Alien Objects on TV

“Certain people who had no knowledge of Blacks have maybe — maybe — learned something because of Mannix’s Peggy Fair. Blacks were pretty much alien objects on TV as recently as 10 years ago, you know, and now we’re people. I think maybe before it’s all over, it’s going to be all right, and I’m proud I’m a part of that.” (1972 interview)
~ Gail Fisher
Model, Actress, Beauty Contests Winner (Miss Transit, Miss Press Photographer, Miss Black New Jersey, Miss Essex County Fair), Emmy Award for Outstanding Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in Drama – Mannix (1970), Golden Globe Awards for Best Supporting Actress – Television Series (1971, 1973) & Alumna of the AADA (American Academy of Dramatic Arts), Class of 1958.
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Double-Check Yourself, Your Actions & Your Words

“Being a former Engineer, you learn to always go back, study yourself, see what you could’ve done differently, see what you could’ve said.”
~ Loni Love
Comedian, Talk Show Host, Actress & Author
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The Flame of Curiosity & Wonderment

“Some advice: keep the flame of curiosity and wonderment alive, even when studying for boring exams. That is the well from which we scientists draw our nourishment and energy. And also, learn the math. Math is the language of nature, so we have to learn this language.”
~ Michio Kaku
Theoretical Physicist, Author, Public Speaker, Futurist, Co-Founder – String Field Theory