The Euphemism Shroud

“When we shrink from the sight of something, when we shroud it in euphemism,
that is usually a sign of inner conflict, of unsettled hearts,
a sign that something has gone wrong in our moral reasoning.” 
~ Matthew Scully,

Truth is Always Stronger

“Any euphemism ceases to be euphemistic after a time
and the true meaning begins to show through. It’s a losing game.”
~ Joseph Wood Krutch.,
Writer, Critic, & Naturalist

Style-of-Life Lies

“Euphemisms persist (for some people) because lying
is an indispensable part of making life tolerable.”
~ Bergen Evans,
Professor of English, TV Show Host,
& George Foster Peabody Award (1957)


“Users of clichés frequently have more sinister intentions beyond laziness and conventional thinking.
Relabeling events often entails subtle changes of meaning.
War produces many euphemisms, downplaying or giving verbal respectability
to savagery and slaughter.”
~ Patrick Cockburn,
Author, Journalist, Correspondent, Martha Gellhorn Prize (2005),
James Cameron Prize(2006) & Orwell Prize for Journalism (2009)