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Chaella's WordPress Thank-you Card

Hello, Everyone!  Thank-you for viewing, following, re-blogging, sharing and ‘liking’ this blog’s posts!

I am Michelle ‘Chaella’ Boddie.  ‘Chaella’ is the nickname my maternal-grandmother called me; it is how she pronounced the second syllable of ‘Mi-chelle’. 

I am a Blogger, Visual Artist, Painter, Website Designer/Editor and Christmas Décor Stager.  I love to make things beautiful & create beautiful things. So, many of my talents/hobbies involve creativity and design. My talent/hobbies include: website/blog design, decorative painting (furniture), baking (brownies, cookies & cakes), visual art, painting storybook murals & pottery, flower gardening, interior decor/home staging/Christmas décor staging, creating dream-boards & desktop publishing. 

Some of my favorite things are: 

  • CUTE STUFFED-TOY ANIMALS – Teddy bears, rabbits, & lambs.
  • ANIMALS (real, pets) – Arabian horses & Chow Chows.
  • FOOD – Focaccia, pizza, omelets, salads, most vegetables, fruits & pasta (non-GMO, local, non-hybrid, all-organic & gluten-free food).
  • DESSERTS – Red-velvet cake, German chocolate cake, coconut cake, chocolate walnut biscotti, ice cream & chocolate chip pecan cookies (non-GMO, local, non-hybrid, all-organic & gluten-free food).
  • EXERCISES – Pilates, Zumba, Taebo, Walking, Bike riding & Horseback riding.
  • AUTOMOBILES  – Jaguar MK2, Porsche, Mazda Miata, & Ford F-450.
  • ARCHITECTURE – French Chateaux, Palaces, Log Cabins and Tree-houses.
  • SOFTWARE  – Adobe, WordPress, Microsoft, Website & Desktop Widgets & more. 
  • MUSIC – I enjoy a bit of every music genre, and my favorites are Classical, instrumental Jazz, instrumental Salsa, instrumental Spanish Guitar & Contemporary Christian-Pop- Rock-Jazz-Country-Latin music. 
  • BLOG PUBLISHERSWordPress, Twitter, & Blogger.
  • I enjoy HGTV & DIY Real Estate & Décor programs, Disney and Pixar cartoons & animation, and programs w/ heroines & heroes working against evil (e.g. Reign, Sleepy Hollow, Once Upon a Time, Agent Carter, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. & Grimm), .
  • I enjoy inspirational media (TV, DVD, CD, mp3, mp4/video, online & books) via Trinity, DayStar, WORD, WHT, TCT, BVOVN, GODTV & Lakewood.
  • My top-three, favorite flowers are roses, gardenias, & peonies.
  • I enjoy snow.  I enjoy sunrises, sunsets, & the moon’s glow at night.
  • I enjoy sandy beaches.  I appreciate beautiful trees.
  • I see the beauty/handsomeness in the physicality of the various ethnicities of humanity, from the deep-chocolatiest complexion hue to the creamiest complexion hue.
  • Be sure to check out my Visual Works at my links hub: Michelle’s Digital Business Card

Jaguar MK2
Jaguar MK2

Mazda Miata

Porsche convertible

Jaguar MK@
Jaguar MK2


Those are a few of my favorites. Again, thank-you for visiting me, here, on WordPress.com!  Have a blissful day/night.

NOTE 3/19/2015: Hello, WordPress Friends(Family)! On occasion I’ll be posting family-friendly humor, in addition to the other quotes, in hopes that the words of those quotes make you smile! Thanks, again for your kindness/blessings; I appreciate you!