Answers Within the Lived Experiences of a Permanently-Tanned Woman, in America

“God’s Word is unchanging, inerrant and divine, and we can rely on it to sort out every thorny issue. What is the difference between the Democrat and Republican Party platforms? Why do Democrats accuse Blacks that vote for Republicans of hating themselves? What are the moral implications of endless war? Are public schools indoctrinating kids? Has abortion destroyed 40 percent of the Black population? How can I navigate this politically charged atmosphere with grace, peace and assurance?”

“I’ll answer these questions and more, within the lived experiences of a permanently tanned woman in America.”
~ Stacy Washington
Host – ‘Stacy on the Right’, Co-Chair – ‘Black Voices for Trump’, Board Member – ‘Veterans for Trump’, Host – ‘Missouri, Best in the Midwest’, Air Force Veteran, Air Force Achievement Medal, Air Force Training Ribbon, National Defense Service Medal, Humanitarian Service Medal, Air Force Outstanding Unit Award, Air Force Good Conduct Medal, 2nd Amendment Foundation’s Journalist of the Year (2018), Air Force Marksman, Public Speaker