Market & Sell

“Knowing how to market and sell is a missing skill in most businesses.
They, the business owners, know how to create a ‘better mousetrap’,
but they don’t know how to tell the world.

When you study sales and marketing, you bring that essential missing element
to the table and you can turn their idea into riches – for both of you.
Everyone wins. You do, they do, and the world does, because you are helping
to add value and solve problems.

So get better at marketing. Learn to sell. Do the right things with your money.
Put it to work. Think ACTIVE income, not passive income, and you’ll have the
right mindset for riches.

There is no lazy way, only the honorable way to wealth for you, of adding value,
changing lives, growing others, and making the world a better place, one transaction
at a time.”

~ Craig Ballantyne,
Editor, Strength & Conditioning Coach-Entrepreneur, & Author
~ Image via NAME HERE